External Process File Provider


Can someone help me understand what is happening behind the scene when using "External Process File Provider"?


I would like to have DOMO workbench to fetch a remote file (using a curl command) & then upload that file to a DOMO dataset.  Is this the right place for this requirements?


Curl command looks like this (replace with string after "$" with actual url/name):

curl   $remote_api_URL  > $Get_remote_file_content_writtent_to_a_local_file


So I configured workbench with the following values:

Program Executable: curl

Arguments: $remote_api_URL  > $Get_remote_file_content_writtent_to_a_local_file

Output File Path: $Get_remote_file_content_writtent_to_a_local_file


So, when clicking on "Apply Changes", the script seems to be executed & file generated/updated.  But when schedule this workbench job to execute automatically, it seems to just grab the local file WITHOUT re-run the curl command.


My question is: should I even expect workbench job to re-run the command every time it is triggered?


BTW, every time when I click on the job -> "source" to check on things, the curl command seems to be executed.......




  • KaLin

    Can anyone help with the "External Process File Provider"?

  • zcameron
    zcameron Domo Employee



    You're looking in the right place for the functionality you've described. I've used the External Process File Provider for similar processes.


    A couple of notes:


    The scheduled job will run with whatever rights are associated with the Domo Workbench services in the Windows Services listing. If that user doesn't have access to where your script resides or any location referenced in your script, the script will fail. Workbench, will continue after that and find the existing file in the output location and import it.


    Unless a fully-qualified path is used in your script, it is possible that the running script may output the resulting file to a location relative to your script executable. It sounds like this is not as likely to be your situation, but I thought I'd mention it because I have been burned by it before.


    The script will run each time the job runs, whether scheduled or manual. It will also run when modifying the source settings, as you've seen.



    I hope this information helps. Let me know if you need any more detail.

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