How to schedule dataset update based on custom connector


I have just built my first custom connector.  I have some questions on how to use it more effectively:


  1. Is it possible to create a dataset from this connector & schedule its updates, BEFORe the connector is submitted for publishing.  
    • If it is possible, what are the steps to follow?
  2. How to give different dataset name for different reports configured in the connector?
  3. How to achieve "append" to the previous datasets?




  • user06127

    Hi Hua,


    great question!


    I'm looking at the same problems and needed some guidance in them.


    Domo admins/mods - please help here.


  • Hua
    Hua Member

    This is what I learnt from DOMO support and developer:


    " Updates cannot be scheduled from an unpublished connectors.  What the Connector Dev Studio provides should be considered more of a preview of what they can expect their data to look like if the connector were published today.  To schedule updates it needs to be published, then it is treated like a ‘normal’ connector."


    Hope it helps you, @user06127

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