Connection issues to Workbench 4.5 instance


I am accessing Workbench via a server configured for me and other users to access the same jobs. However, when other Windows users log-in to the server and pull up the Workbench tool, they receive an error message - related to the target server refusing the connection. This error does not happen when I am using my windows profile, and we should all have the same administrative privileges. 


Has anyone experienced this error message or have any suggestions? I attached the error message users are receiving. 




  • creed
    creed Domo Employee

    Hi @bduncan717 


    Workbench does not currently support multiple users. When you set up Workbench and connect it to your Domo instance for the first time, Workbench creates an access token assigned to your Domo account. When a different user tries to connect to the same Domo instance it causes a conflict with that access token.


    A workaround for this is to create a central, shared Domo account and use that to log into Workbench.


    An enhancement has been requested to allow multiple users to access Workbench. I have added your vote to the enhancement. For your reference, the ticket # is DOMO-32469. 


    I hope that answers your question but please let me know if not.


    Thank you,


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  • michaelf
    michaelf Domo Employee

    @bduncan717 he is correct. @creed that's great feedback; I'll take that to the team and see how it fits in with our priorities. Thanks!

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