How do I use sum and use other card options in a Design Studio widget


I am using the multi-line widget in Adobe Illustrator using the Domo extension. I would like to mimic a card I created earlier so I choose the multi-line widget just like the card had. I have no options such as sum, count, average... for the data I want to use as my Y access like I did when designing a card. Also options to filter the data by fiscal year, last 3 years, sorting, and best mode are no where to be found. In order to use widgets are you required to createa entire new data sources with all the answers already compiled to use a Domo widgets?


is there any method just to use a pre-existing card in the Desing Studio layout as that would make my life easier and the information I need possible? Currently what you can do with widgets other than look and feel seem extremly limited compared what you can do with a card.



  • Nlemon

    I would also love this feature since many of the filters I need in the standard cards do not work in illustrator.  I am pretty sure I can just create custom dataflows for the charts needed but that would take much longer since the entire process will have to be pre-written in SQL and sent to DOMO with filters already added per card. 

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