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Hi, please correct me if i'm wrong.


1. There is a dataset named "Card Usage with Datasource and Owner Information", but the data refreshment frequency is daily and cannot be increased, so the information like "Last Viewed", "Last Updated Date" is misleading.


2. There is no dataset that shows the relations of datasets and dataflows (Query, Magic).


3. There is no way to see Dataset's ID on DOMO screen.


I'm wondering what is the best practice around metadata management on DOMO.

Please advise.








  • Hi all,

    Can anybody help out @yoshidadaisu01?


  • Hi @yoshidadaisu01 


    You can try Excel Admin Plugin as well as ask Domo for Data Governance datasets (DGD) which contain metadata.

    You are right, dataset ID is mising but we can use DGD to get more info.



  • DataMaven
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    The new Governance datasets are great, so do a search in the Appstore.  The dataset id's are in these tables, too. I created beast modes to have clickable links in table cards.  Thought they may be helpful to you.  Just update the company in the concat statement.  


    Let me know if you have questions.  I've been having a great time with these datasets!


    For Datasets:

    CONCAT('<a href="',
    (CONCAT('',`Dataset ID`,'/details/overview')),
    '" target="_blank">',
    (CONCAT('',`Dataset ID`,'/details/overview')),

    For Dataflows: 

    CONCAT('<a href="',
    (CONCAT('',`Dataflow ID`,'/details#history')),
    '" target="_blank">',
    (CONCAT('',`Dataflow ID`,'/details#history')),


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