Crimson Hexagon Connector



Is there any special setting on the Crimson Hexagon side that I need to be able to use this connector? I have tried to login using my Crimson Hexagon credentials, but I get a "Failed to authenticate. Verify the credentials and try again."


  • Hi all,

    Can anybody help out @kolakidd?


  • kamuela
    kamuela Domo Employee

    @kolakidd We use OAuth to validate the credentials and the Crimson Hexagon API to retrieve the data.  We aren't aware of any settings on the Crimson Hexagon side, but it is probably worth checking with them to confirm.  They may require your account be enabled to retrieve data via the API.  If it still doesn't work, I would recommend contacting Domo Support and they can help you further troubleshoot.




    I am no longer with Domo. Please @mention @Millhouse for connector specific questions.