Removing (renaming) a legend from the World map



I have created a map and it looks great. However, i am unable to rename the legend ( to show what each number represent). if i am unble to rename it, then i would like to remove it. I am unable to find on how to do either. can someone help me out?


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  • I would like to add on to your question to also ask Domo if the bucketing (for color shading) on the Map be customized. From the Example Cards > US Map it appears that the difference between the  Max Value 1 (705,703) and the Min Value 1 (156,406) is calculated and then divided by 5 to create the shading bucketing (Change in color every 109,859.40 increase in value). This results in non-round numbers and in the case of my dataset, non meaningful segmentations. Can this be customized to reflect values such as zero to 250K, 250K to 500K, 500k to 1 million, etc?



  • And one last follow up... The "Balanced Distribution" general chart property, while better,  isn't quite what I need either as I want to be able to set my own segmentations. Thanks.

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