Using Data Joins - Limits to Join Data?

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   I have a data set of about 400K rows of sales data.  It includes our item code, but no other details.  I'm trying to match it to our item master, which has about 2K rows to fill in the blanks.  I know there is a limitation to the left dataset in a join, I believe it's 10K rows, so I'm using the item list on the left and the sales data on the right.  In both tables, the item code is text, and Domo agrees on the data type.


However, when I run the dataflow (in preview or in full) it does not join the data.  I get 400K rows of sales data with blank item columns where the extra details should be.  Are there any limits or best practices to guaranteeing two text columns match up?


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  • Thx @jlafee!


    Check out this article, we are looking in to the limitation question you posted. One of my top guys will circle back shortly.





  • Thanks, DaniBoy.  I've been through that document quite a few times, and so I don't believe there is anything wrong with the way the join is set up.  I think there is some just rule, quirk, or missing step in preparing the data that is preventing the final join.  


    Are you using Magic to do your left join?



  • Yes, @nicolasfeddern, this is all built in Magic.  I've done it as a left outer and right outer to see if that helps, both give the same results except for moving the location of the blank columns on the dataset.

  • Have you tried swapping the inputs and changing from a left to a right join? See the attached photo - your biggest dataset should be the right side of the join. 


    Let me know if that works for you.

  • @nicolasfeddern, you and I think a lot alike.  I have the 400K dataset on the right, and the 2K on the left on a right join.  Still having the same issue, but I appreciate the confirmation that I at least have it set up correctly.

  • I see - have you confirmed that the datatype of the columns in the join condition are the same? That might be the cause of the blanks. Could you share a sample of the data that you're attmepting to join or take a screenshot of your Magic ETL join?

  • Looks like you already checked on the column data types. Do you have any trailing or leading spaces that might cause a failure to match between the join keys?  

  • @jlafee, tagging you to check out @nicolasfeddern's reply.