Text/Commentary on cards


Currently, I don't think there is capability of adding text/commentary to cards (very useful to highlight and state key insights related to card). 


I realize there is DOMO BUZZ and card description options but would be more beneficial to add to the card itself.


Is this a concern from other users? Will this be a addition to DOMO in the future? If so, when can we expect this capability?






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    Yes, having annotation ability would be useful to me.  I have several cards that I would like to put in a comment for a specific date that we acquired a new company which would  help explain the abrupt jump in the stats.

  • [Deleted User]

    Please see these ideas






    in the exchange which we have re-escalated to the product team to update. We hope this feature will be released very soon as it is highly requested.




  • Sorry, not sure if I missed something but those two links you posted didn't provide any ideas/tips...just the same comment/question I mentioned.

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    Apology for the confusion, if they match your thoughts then please vote for them by clicking the white arrow next to the title of the idea in the first link. 


    We will have an update soon from product management on the release of this functionality.


    If you had something different in mind then please post a new idea.




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    This feature is now in progress

  • D_PRC
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    If your commentary is reportable, bring it into DOMO with your dataset. Use the commentary column as a series in your card and when you hover over the series it will display the string value as a text box.


    I used this in a stacked bar graph making a timeline of sorts. I did this by plotting the "Notes" as the series and count. Where the X axis is the date of the comment. I displayed this by day, and resulted in a simple timeline of events. 


    There are some downsides to this but it works pretty slick.  







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