Multiple values displayed on heat map

I was wondering if there was a way to either add a secondary data element to a heat map or to toggle back and forth between two views (without using linked cards).  We have a heat map that shows year-over-year sales variance by day of week and time of day (e.g., lunch & dinner).  We would also like to show the year-over-year % variance (e.g., Monday dinner is down X%).  Is there a way to either add this percentage variance to the heat map (so it would show both the dollar variance and the % variance) or to have a secondary heat map that shows the % variance and let the user toggle back and forth between the $ variance view and the % variance view?


  • @cmarutzky Period over Period is actively being enhanced and improved right now. This new functionality will more-easily give you the ability to compare two different times against the other. We have recently been evaluating this in beta as we move towards a general release.

    Please watch for this, and please comment back once you've had the opportunity to evaluate. We love the feedback and input. 

  • I think you might have misunderstood.  I know how to do the calculation to get the period over period values and % change.  I was asking if there is a way to display multiple values on the heat map once i have developed the associated beast modes to calculate the variances?

  • Hi @cmarutzky,


    @StevenC is correct about our period over period, but I think he meant to say that displaying two values isn't currently available as well. Here is a link to other requests to the Heat Map. I would reccomend you reviewing these and then adding your request to this list.


    The only solution at this time would be to duplicate the Heat Map card and then power it with your $ variance. Using the link card would to tie them together. Which it sounds like you are already doing. Therefore putting it on the Idea Request list and getting other users to like it will help it get added to the product.

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