Best Way to Group By at the Card Level


I have a dataset in which someone's name may appear in multiple rows, while the card I'm building is only looking for one row per person. This is a classic "group by" situation, but I'm blanking on if there's a way to do this in the card builder.


I'm showing name and start dates and my temporary workaround is using a count(distinct name) column in the table view. The data in the table I've built is the same for a single person, but there is apparent fan out. What's the best way to group by a name? 


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    Here's the great thing about grouping in the table cards - it happens automatically. Any fields that don't have an aggregation applied to them (count, sum, avg., etc.) are automatically part of the grouping for the fields that do have an aggregation applied. In other words, just make sure you're aggregating the metrics and not aggregating the dimensions and you should be in good shape.




    Name (No Aggregation)

    Total Sales (SUM)



    Would give you one line per Name with the total sales summed up for the name.


    I hope that helps!

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