Assign specific color to series values - consistent color coding

When creating a dashboard for a client, I apply the same segmentation (series) to several cards. In order to be consistent and help the client to visualize the results, it would be great if we could assign the same color coding for each specific segmentation.

For example, when plotting results from media channels in different card, I would like tobe able to assigned in off of them the blue color to Facebook, green to Twitter, etc, in order to be consistent.

How could this issue be solved? Thanks! 


  • andrewpass
    andrewpass Domo Employee

    Thank you for the suggestion which is a great idea! We currently do not have such an offering. Please visit the Dojo Ideas Exchange You can search existing ideas and then vote for it if it matches what you have in mind. If you cannot find it, please create a new Idea which can then be voted on by your fellow Dojo members by clicking the white arrow next to the idea.

  • You may also want to reveiw the existing ideas that refer to colors.





  • I'll do! Thanks! If anyone has developed a provisional method that would allow you to partially select the colours for a segment, it would be great if you could share it! 

    Thanks again!

  • andrewpass
    andrewpass Domo Employee

    One way to accomplish this that can work in situations with a small number of dimension values. 


    The color assigned to each dimension value should be determined by the order that they appear in the card. Make sure that the sort order is alphabetical or otherwise the same between cards. Then make sure that the colors are the same in chart properties. With this, it's possible to get them synced. It's far from the ideal solution though. 

  • @iresanjogar, tagging you to check out @andrewpass's reply.

  • Thank you very much @andrewpass for your reply. I tested it out but it doesn't always work (only around 60% of the times) because, as you said, it's far from being the ideal solution. Therefore, in these cases in which a proper and fully working solution is not found, what is the next step @LizWR? I don't think that marking @andrewpass reply as a "solution" would be the right thing to do. 

    Thanks to both of you again for being willing to help solving this issue. 

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