Display insights, actions and results from a collection of cards


What ideas do you have on how to display the insights gained from a card, the actions taken from the insights, and the results of those actions? For example, we decide on countermeasures for a particular collection of cards to combat [fill in the blank] and we want to display in, the collection itself, the countermeasure tasks, owner, and outcomes. Essentially a closed loop on analysis, actions, and outcomes.


  • nicolasfeddern

    Hi JasonWebber,


    Some suggestions for performing a closed loop style analysis in Domo could potentially involve the use of Notebook Cards, Buzz, Projects and Tasks, and/or WebForm or Excel sheet to track comments or annotations for a given dataset. 


    Notebook Cards:

    -Drop a notebook card onto a collection to pair it with the cards or group of cards that you want to track notes or actions towards.



    -This is probably one of your best options as you can keep the conversation, actions, and notes tied to a certain card in one Buzz Channel that all parties can access.

    -Leveraging Buzz you can also go back in time to see what was documented and follow-up on actions or relay insights.


    Projects and Tasks:

    -Depending on the size and scope of the page and cards you want to track, you could create a project board for an analytics page in your instance and track each card's related insights, actions, notes through a project card with the link back to the card.


    Excel / Webform Dataset:

    -Depending on how your data is structured, you could create a tracking dataset that contains all of the notes, actions, insights, etc for a given dataset and add this information on as an addtional set of dimensions that can then be drilled into via a top level visual.

    -For instance, if you had a dataset dimensioned by a given date, you could track notes by that same date dimension in a Webform (which can be updated directly in Domo) or a sepearate Excel sheet (which can be uploaded to Domo), then through a simple dataflow you could join this `notes` field onto the main dataset that powers your card and then you could leverage a drill path that would display these notes.


    Also, I would encourage you to visit the ideas exchange and submit this as it would be a great enhancement to the analytics capabilities within Domo: http://dojo.domo.com/t5/Ideas-Exchange-suggest-and-vote/idb-p/Ideas



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