Viewing Page as a slideshow


The Slideshow feature is an awesome way to move through the cards on a page, especially if they are filtered down to show specific data.


The EXPORT AS POWERPOINT holds the page filter but the VIEW PAGE AS SLIDESHOW does not, it shows you the unfiltered data. Can this feature hold the filter as well?


  • GTA
    GTA Domo Employee

    To make sure that I understand, are you referring to the Publications feature when you reference slideshows?


    If so, publications are built on a card basis. That would mean that in order to apply the filters needed for that publication, you'd need to have those filters applied to each card in the edit mode of your cards. 


    If I'm misunderstanding, definitely correct me. Thanks!

  • This is around the analyzer on the page level. Expected behavior is we filter the page to the data we want, then view the page as a slideshow expecting to see the filter applied.


    If we export to powerpoint, the filter stays on (like we want and expect), but just not viewing it in the slideshow.

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    GTA Domo Employee

    Thanks for the clarification. That would be a solid request for a product enhancement. The ideas exchange is where you can submit that idea. The workaround for now would be to create either a duplicate card with the filters applied in edit mode. Then you can access "Publications" from the main menu and build out your slideshow. The benefits of a publication is that a URL will be created where you can send it out for people to view. Here is the link to the ideas exchange:



  • We also have the same issue. We built a page with a series of cards and would like to then apply the Page filter so that we can see the cards for just one client. We need to be able to then share this slideshow out the the account's manager as a slideshow rather than a Powerpoint but Domo reverts to the version showing all of our client data rather than the filtered account.


    We really would like to see a fix for this issue so we can push out a series of slideshow emails filtered by client.

  • Yes, we asked about this months ago and now our account managers are running into the same problem. Page filtering should work on both PowerPoint and shared slideshows. Thank you.

  • Any conclusion on this topic? We really need this feature working to make sure the clients are seing only the filtered data.