SDK App - See Analyzer filters?


I tested and confirmed that an SDK app will respect the page-level analyzer - I imagine that the app itself gets some filters that the domo.get() method applies.


Is there a way for me to see, within the app itself, exactly what filters were applied on the page-level analyzer?


The use case is: I'm building an app which lets a user configure a "report" (really a big JSON object), and one of the steps involves specifying filters which need to be remembered and re-used. It would be helpful if the app could pull in the filter criteria applied by Analyzer - that way, I don't have to reinvent analyzer inside my app.


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  • willb
    willb Domo Employee

    The page analyzer will be applied to the data in the app, but the app doens't have access to what the page analyzer has been set.  Feel free to reply or reach out to Domo Support for anything in the future.


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