Alerts - Categories in the body of email


Can you get categories value to display in the body of an alerts


In the attached - The category value: MSV500004534 is displayed with the alert showing an increase in the over $1000. This is how the value use to show in the alert


The other image shows how the report send the alert to the email currently. Only the summary name and the change in increase/decrease on the report. 


how do I alert this to be how it originally was??


Thank you




  • Hi all,

    Can anybody help out @Ops?


  • Archer
    Archer Domo Employee

    Domo Alerts are continually evolving and may soon see other major enhancements. There are currently enhancement requests to have the values that triggered the alert be displayed in the message again. We hope to see this request included in a future release though no additional information is available on this at this time.