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I'm in way over my head here, but thought I'd poke around see if there is an easy answer.


I'd like some way to connect to SEC Edgar Filings to extract competitor data.  Is XBRL files or databases the way to go?


How would you do that with DOMO?  Or, is there another easier way with Domo to connect and get the data?


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    Looking at the documenation for EDGAR filings, they have an HTTPS file system from which you could potentially make an API call.

    While we currently we do not have a pre-built connector to pull data from EDGAR, you can take advantage of our new integrated development environment (IDE) where we allow connectors to be built by you or someone you hire: https://developer.domo.com/connect-to-domo.

    If needed, you can always reach out to your Customer Success Manager (CSM), as they are in the best position to walk through available options for using Domo's technical team to pull in that data.

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