Can Domo use Google Apps for Single Sign-On ?




Can anyone assist me on configuring SSO for Domo? we're using Google apps for our business mail.


When tried to configured, it comes with error. Please check on the attachment of this Topic


  • Hi all,

    Can anybody help out @anardite?


  • NWolf
    NWolf Domo Employee

    Hi @anardite @LizWR,


    Google apps uses SAML 2.0, so it should be compatable. 

    Here is a link to our SSO help center article, that goes over the process of setting up SSO: Will you verify that you've completed all of these steps? 

    Thanks, Anardite. 


    -Nate Wolf

    -Domo Support

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  • anardite



    After managed setup google web-SSO, another problem arise.


    in Domo, attributes require for name is full name. While in Google, there is no such attributes for fullname, there are firstname and lastname. 

    So if i put only firstname, then the last name will not coming. Is there any way on how to resolved this. i know the settings on AD Azure can provide user.displayname but not available on google suite.