How do you restrict the summary number to only sum the top x rows (already filtered in show x rows)?


I'm trying to have a summary number total the top 20 opportunites in our pipeline. I've restricted the chart to only show the top 20 by the "show only 20 rows" option and sorted by size of deal. However the summary number totals the whole pipeline and not just the 20 rows that have been filtered when viewing the card. Does anyone have any idea on how to restrict the summary number to just the top 20?


  • Hi all,

    Can anybody help out @Johndogg?


  • If you can add a column to your data flow that would flag an opportunity as a "Top 20" opportunity. You could use this to create a beast mode that would sum only those opportuntities with the "Top 20" flag. 


    This could be used as your summary number instead of the standard series total.

  • Johndogg

    Yeah, that would work if you always wanted the top 20. However, it would be much more helpful to have the summary number dynamic if you change it from top 10 to top 20 for example. 


    Thanks for the idea!

  • @Johndogg, did @Kung-fu_Panda's reply help you out?

  • Johndogg

    Domo support reached out and this is currently not possible without building a static dataflow. They are putting in a functionality request to the dev team for this feature. 


    Currently you must build a dataflow and aggregate the data to a set number of rows. You would then need to change the dataflow for every change in x rows (ex: top 20 to top 30). 

  • @Johndogg, thanks for the update!

  • Angelyson

    Do you guys have any new solution to this question? I see that this was posted a couple of years back so I am wondering if there have been any updates to Domo that would solve this issue more efficiently. I am undergoing the same issue and need to show totals based on Top 10 values not all values. Many thanks!

  • Jsun82

    You could fix this in an ETL transform by using the rank function to create a new column.  Then you could use that column as a filter to get the top 10, top 20, or whatever version of this you would like.


    Hope this helps!

  • clairecat

    Has this been resolved now? I'm trying to make table charts to only show the 20 highest revenue sales and I need it to only total the rows showing. 

    When I add a total row/summary number, it is totalling the entire value on the dataset and not the 20 rows which are being shown. Don't see an option to change it?

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