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Is there some way for external clients to save a static, printable version of a slideshow directly from their browser?  I know I as a DOMO user can export them as PPTs and such but I don't want to do that for every external client.  I've tried right-clicking in the browser and saving the .html file, printing to PDF, printing, but in each case I only got one individual slide.  Seems like once I have the slideshow playing in a browser it's "there" and could be saved locally.   


  • Hi all,

    Can anybody help out @ncaine?


  • jehat
    jehat Domo Employee

    @ncaine This feature does not currently exist in Domo, but it is a good idea. I have forwarded your request on to the development team for consideration.


    Due to the nature of enhancement requests, I will be unable to provide an ETA if it is implemented and so will be unable to give any updates. However, I appreciate your suggestion so that we can continue to improve the customer experience.


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