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I want to use a BeastMode calculated Date as my Date Range Field and be able to use it as my date range.

How do I make it so?


  • zcameron
    zcameron Domo Employee



    Unfortunately, the ability to use a beast mode as the date field for the date range on a card is not available. There is a post in the ideas exchange about this, that I would recommend you visit and upvote here


    In the mean time, in order to use the calculated field on the card, the calculation would need to be done in a dataflow, Workbench (if the dataset is uploaded through Workbench), or at the source of the data.



  • Sambo_Servicer

    Thank you so much.

    I hereby present you with the Transparency Award!

  • @Sambo_Servicer,did @zcameron's reply help you out?

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