JIRA Workbench Connection (bad request)




I am trying to connect to Jira using workbench. my JQL is pretty simple 

issuetype = Bug


The server returns the following:


[10.21.16 11:10:38] Requesting JSON source file from the JIRA Connection
[10.21.16 11:10:38] Issuing query to https://xxxxxxxx.ads:9081
[10.21.16 11:10:38] The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request.


Before you ask. The reason I am using Workbench is beacuse my Jira is hosted in my internal netwrok so using the web interface does nt work.


Anyone knows how to solve this?




  • Hi all, Can anybody help @Falfaro out? Thanks!

  • Falfaro

    I solved my own issue. DOMO was working fine. It has my internal network that was not longer using a different port.


    Thanks everyone