domo tasks as dataset?


Is it possible to use the tasks inside Domo as a dataset? I'd like to have a bar chart that shows the name of each column of my tasks, and the count of items inside of them.


  • Hi all, Can anybody help @JasonWebber out? Thanks!

  • JasonWebber

    My guess is the answer is no. Too bad, because this would make the tasks much more useful. I'll submit this as an idea.


  • Airtwo3jrdn
    Airtwo3jrdn Domo Employee

    Hello Jason

    I have created a support case for your question. I will reach out to you via email.


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  • If you go to the connectors > DomoStats - You will see options to create datasets on a projects and tasks.

    Also in the app store you will find a quick start for "DomoStats - Projects and Tasks"