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I am new to the Domo World and I was wondering if there would be an opportunity for someone to create a couple of Domo courses on Udemy - Beginner to Advanced?  If you're not familiar with the site yet, please check out and search on other Data Viz tools - i.e. - Tableau, Qlikview, etc. and you'll find a plethora of courses, many of which I've personally used in the past to go from beginner to advanced - and in some cases certified - with a tool.  


This could also potentially be a revenue-generating source for anyone who comes up with some good courses, as Domo should only get bigger in the future, which leaves a lot of users out there with a need to get up to speed fast!!


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    Thanks for the suggestion. We do offer a wealth of Domo courses via Domo University which you can find here.


    CC: @Ammon, @JeriLarsen this is an interesting suggestion for our Education team.

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    Thank you so much for the question/suggestion. We are always looking for new ways to offer content, though up to now we've stayed within the tool with courses, webinars, videos and documentation. We are always looking for ways to meet our users at their point of need, however, so we appreciate knowing where you have gone for training in the past. We'll absolutely look into it!


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    -Curriculum Team

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    Thanks Jeri!


    @mrleep23 welcome to the Dojo and to using Domo!


    We have an ideas exchange here and welcome future suggestions on making your Domo experience even better.


    You can suggest and vote up ideas on our product, the Dojo and or any aspect of Domo in the exchange.