Rest Api for Flash Talking - XML through POST


Hey Guys!


I need to push XML request through POST for flashtalking api.


Code below:



httprequest.addHeader('Authorization', 'Basic ' + DOMO.b64EncodeUnicode(metadata.account.username + ':' + metadata.account.password));
var res = httprequest.get('');
//token extraction
var token = res.substring(92, 124);
DOMO.log('token: ' + token);

httprequest.addHeader('Authorization', 'Basic ' + DOMO.b64EncodeUnicode('appkey' + '||' + 'devkey' + ':' + token));

var xml = '<?xml version="1.0"?>'+
'<request>' +
' <name>testapiclient23</name>' +

var post ='',xml);

DOMO.log(' post : ' + post);


When I use:


var post ='',xml);

Console gives me follwing error:


post : method POST must have a request body.

When I modify it to:

var post ='',{body:xml});

Api response is:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<response><request>client</request><function>create</function><error>args not complete:name</error><token>90f6e2a9d6f42c1d5ee44dc249c212f7</token><httpstatus>400</httpstatus><message>bad request.</message></response>

Error 400 - Bad request.


I am pretty sure that Flash Talki api doesn't recognize my XML request, not sure why though.


Any help will be appreciated.




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