Table - Have Column & Row Variable Fields?


I am trying to create a table where I can have:

  • Column headings variables e.g. (Total Web Sales, Total Digital Sales, Total Brand Sales)
  • Row heading variables e.g. (This Week, Last Week, This QTR, Last QTR)

This will very quickly provide all the data I need in a simple table, (A quick snapshot)

This would be great as a standard card in Domo. 


Column Headings could be - Values

Row Headings could be - Date range or Name. 


Thank you, looking forward to a response


  • Hi all, Can anybody help @Mykep out? Thanks

  • dax22
    dax22 Domo Employee

    Mike, (Mykep)

    Unfortunately, there is not currently a card type that will allow you to use a Table - Row Header in comparison to a Table - Column Header to display aggregated values.

    I can completely understand why you would want to be able to create a card for a quick snapshot like you are describing. So, I will place an enhancement request to our Development team, requesting that they consider adding this type of feature to Domo with a future update to the Domo system.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.
    Dax Gibb(dax22)

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    Please browse the ideas exchange here!


    If the idea has not yet been suggested you can submit it so others may vote it up and our product management team will review.


    This one may be similar to what you are asking for, if it is please vote it up.



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