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We are setting up our workbench(s) to run unattended on multiple AWS instances but are having trouble coming up with a good way to update the jobs available to each instance - for example, although they are all logged into the same "account" only the jobs specifically imported/created on that machine are available.


Is there a way that I could add a job to that account from my machine and have it available to the other machines running on that account? It will be a hassle to have to spin down our AWS servers, remote in, import a new job, save the server image then restart the servers - each time we need to add/update a job.





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    Jobs created for workbench are tied to both a user and an agent (machine). One of the reasons for this is to prevent the same job from being run on multiple machines if the same user is logged in on both Workbench instances. Because of this, it is not enough to just create the job with a particular user and have it available on a different agent.


    If you haven't already, I'd recommend posting this idea to the Ideas Exchange here in the Dojo. I know the Domo product team watches those posts closely and often incorporates new features into the product based on customer feedback and upvotes. 

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    Does anyone know if this was never addressed? I am running into a similar situation.

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