Does Domo Understand Dates or Not?


When I have a Single Bar type chart with a Date as the X-axis, Domo doesn't want to Sort the dates intuitively.  If I have the dates formatted as Aug. 2015 thru Dec. 2015, it sorts them alphabetically. So, Dec comes before Nov.

If I have them as 08 2015 thru 12 2015, Domo sorts them numerically ignoring the fact that they are dates.  So, it will show like in the attached screenshot.


I've just started trying to work with Domo and am quickly becoming frustrated with its lack of basic intuitiion. Or, there is a solution in Domo University, Domo Dojo, Domo Community, Domo Knowledgebase, etc. that because there are so many to go to, I've missed it.


Thoughts on this?


Thank you,





  • BruceVolpe
    BruceVolpe Domo Employee

    Hi Delain,


    Thanks for your question! This can definitely be a little confusing at first, especially if you are a power user of an Excel or other spreadsheet tool. Such tools typically handle stylized dates very well.


    When using Domo, dates need to be imported to the dataset in their basic form (e.g. MM/DD/YYYY).

    Note: if you have time in addition to the date, then the format would be more like MM/DD/YYYY hh:mm:ss


    Starting from these basic forms you can then use Beast Mode functions or card property settings (both within the card builder interface) to stylize the date format to be "Aug. 2015", etc.


    It would definitely be useful if Domo could understand the stylized dates from the start, especially when importing data from spreadsheets. This is a great idea and I highly encourage you to submit it on the idea submission section so that other Domo users can vote on it. If it gets enough votes then our data engineering team will review and consider taking it on as a project.




  • delaing

    Bruce, thanks for your time.  I am posting a feature request on this.  Certainly seems strange that this would need to be a feature request when every other program I interact with, expert level or not, understands Dates and how to deal with them or at least offer the user the option for how to treat them.

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