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  • TheDataGuy

    Two asks for the Project feature:


    Please add the abiility to create subtask list within a task and then measure task completion based on the number of subtasks that are checked off.


    The ability to report out on project within Domo!!  Trello, Jira, etc.. all have this ability - I'd think Domo would be the first to integrate it's Project feature with cards:-)

  • [Deleted User]

    Thanks @TheDataGuy!


    It would be great if you could add these to our our ideas exchange here.


    I did a quick search for you and here are some results using 






    If any of the ideas you come across match what you need please vote them up by clicking on the white arrow next to the idea title.


    Otherwise please submit the your ideas so others may vote them up and the our product management team can review.


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