Data Lineage


I believe this was a feature announced at DOMO-palooza 2015 but is still not available. I would just like to reiterate its importance and maybe flesh out some details that I think would be additionally helpful.


There needs to be a "Data Lineage" or family tree feature in DOMO. DOMO Admins and data curators need this function to be able to see:

  • The entire lineage of the dataflow starting from a single/multiple Datasets
  • The dataflows that use the dataflow in question
  • The dataflows that are "spawned" off of the dataflow's direct children and then subsequently the children thereafter
  • All of the cards that are created based off of that dataflow, it's children, or any subsequent generations thereafter

The addition of such a feature would make auditing the state of data in DOMO easier, cleaning up and maintaining the instance more efficiently, and an overall better user experience and QoL.


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    Thanks for your post!


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