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I am trying to build a graph which captures the YTD (Running Total) of actuals on bars and budget as a line. I am able to successfuly do this except for one issue:

For example, if the current month is September I would like to the see the running total till September and then 0 value for the subsequent months. I dont want the bars to plateau after September, but instead not appear. The budget allready has has values to december. i don't want to restrict the view till current but allow for the full year to be still seen. 





  • Hi all, Can anybody help @munge032 out? Thanks

  • humpherys
    humpherys Domo Employee

    Hello @munge032,

    There is not a way to have your bars show as 0 instead of plateauing. The reason for this is because the running total chart adds the values of the months together. For example, if the value for the month of September is 5 and your current value for October is 0 then the card automatically adds them together (5 + 0 = 5) and it will show the value for October as 5. There is not a way to change it so that it will show as a value of 0 because mathematically it would be incorrect. It would actually make your chart be misleading because it would look like you had a negative value for your month of October, instead of just no data. I hope this explanation helps. Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Thank you.
    Ashley Humpherys

    Domo Support

  • @munge032, did @humpherys's reply help you out?

  • munge032

    Yes, thank you!!

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