Add Collections on Favorites?


We have users who would like to reorganize their favorites into collections so that they can easily categorize with their own labels and grouping - is there the capability for non-admins to add collections on their Favorites page?


  • Hi all, Can anybody help @tseamans out? Thanks

  • tseamans

    This would be awesome if someone could follow up.  I realize non-Participants can do this, but need our users who favorite to be able to organize them.

  • humpherys
    humpherys Domo Employee

    Hello @tseamans,

    Everyone execpt Participants can create collections on their Favorites page. If you have a Participant security role, you can only view, minimize, and reorder collections, and reorder cards within collections. You cannot add or remove collections, remove cards from a collection, move cards to a different collection, or change the name or description of a collection. Here is the link to our Help Center documentation that goes into more detail about Collections:

    I will go ahead and submit an Enhancement Request for you to our Development team to have Participants be able to add collections to their favoirtes page. It will then be up to the Development team to decide if this is something they could implement in the future. For updates on this, keep a look out in the Release Notes.

    Thank you.
    Ashley Humpherys
    Domo Support

  • LB
    LB Member

    Would love this functionality for all users since we don't want to have to change a user's role for this purpose.

  • SEC
    SEC Contributor

    Is there an update on this?  In the Paticipant view, the wrench drop down show collections to expand and minimize, but no option to create a collection, so having these options show doesn't make sense for participants.  Most of our users are participants, and would like the ability to arrange their cards in ways that tell a story, so this option would be great for them to be able to do with their favorited cards.  Does this suggestion need to go in the idea Dojo so it can get voted on?

  • cwolman
    cwolman Contributor

    2 years later and I have the same question.  95% of our users are participants and would like the ability to add collections to their favorites page.  Anyway to allow this ability without making all users editors?  I cringe at the thought of doing such a thing.

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