Design Studio 2.0.6 Release

product_John Domo Employee

This update provides a new method for transitioning widgets to the artboard.  Previously, a representation of the widget was placed on the artboard.  This representation was in SVG format, and could cause some confusion on what could be directly edited on the artboard versus within the configuration options for that widget.  It also prevented exact representations for some widgets, such as the Table and YouTube Player from being shown accurately.  The new HTML screenshot method gives a significant performance boost and more accurately represents how the widget will look once on the design.  Whatever configurations are chosen for the widget, the artboard will exactly replicate that.  In addition, it will allow elements such as Legends to be moved more accurately on the design. 


Note:  Some widgets are HTML based and require this upgrade to be available in the Add Widgets menu.  This includes the Table, YouTube Player, some Maps, and Filter control widgets.  If you do not see these widgets on your list, you will need to upgrade to 2.0.6.  Any designs that were created in an older version of Design Studio will function normally.  


This release also includes

  • Additional support for SSO authentication
  • Updated Table widget instructional text
  • Various bug fixes
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