Best of July 2016!


The summer has been heating up and I want to recognize and welcome a new top player who was simply on fire in July!


@PEAKS_valleys has attained his Orange belt in very short order and led all members in the Dojo in July with 29 posts, 7 Accepted Solutions and over 2000 minutes on line. Simply AWESOME!!!! He also garnered 5 likes. Congratulations!!!


Other top contributors in July with multiple solutions are: @Godzilla (4), @Godiepi (3) and @ckatzman with 2 solutions.


Honorable mention goes to all of the following who provided one solution in July: @cmarkum@Anthony_G@bstephens@northshorehiker@jnholt3@MichaelC@Reema@canioacaputo@Fitz@beaubetts@ROXANNEB@trawayMMC@ccpincombe and @tmullins.


CONGRATULATIONS and thank you!


@BABWMajorDOMO led all members in July with 10 likes received.


Finally in the Ideas exchange we had multiple people submit at least 2 ideas this past month:


Thank you to @BABWMajorDOMO@tleong@cr1ckt@rado98@Johnf@Chips and @sfwebguru.


We will be unveiling details of the expanded ranking structure and Dojo VIP program in the coming weeks.


Stay tuned and keep up the great dialogue and collaboration in the Dojo!



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