Has anyone heard when the scheduled reports functionality will be released?

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I know it went through Beta, but I haven't heard yet when it might be released.



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  • @product_John do we have any updates we can share on this?


  • This feature is critical to our expansion of the tool as well.  Is there any way to get an update on the timing, or any material available to see what functionality is available with the scheduling?


    Specificially, I would love to be able to have schedules be able to run with underlying parameters/filters, so that I can setup multiple schedules for a single card or page (static), that can then be sent with data specific to the person receiving the data (not PDP).  




  • Hi Jesse - I've been trying for 2 months now to get a response from someone at Domo. Within that 2 months I did get a response from a product manager saying they are currently working to make improvements, but did not get any indication of timing. He did offer to set up a meeting, but I was out on PTO that week, and then I could not get in touch with him again when I got back.


    Right now this piece is critical for the same use case you describe. I'm finally getting interest from my CEO and heads of Sales for the data we can deliver through Domo, but at this point manually sending emails with these reports is killing my productivity and a showstopper for us continuing with Domo if we can't get the data in the right people's hands. 


    I'd appreciate it if you let me know if you hear anything and I will do the same. But so far I feel completely in the dark here. 

  • deal

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    For every inquiry you can see on this topic, there are probably 100 more that haven't spoken up.  Hiding in the walls, like roaches...  Smiley Frustrated

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  • Thanks guys,


    I have escalated this thread internally.


    Stay tuned and regards,



  • Thanks for your help, Dani. I got a response. I'll post here if I learn anything on timing.

  • Any update on this request? 

  • my executives are asking about this functionality right now. This will hopefully be ready very soon. 

  • any update about this? 

  • @DrR  Looks like it is in the Februrary release notes!

  • I got an official email from DOMO the other days saying its extremely close, as in, a week or two from now.

  • Folks this will begin to roll out to all customer environments beginning 2/9 and continue through 2/16.


    Thanks for your patience.



  • I reviewd release notes , and a saw option to report shcduler, but in my enviroment I can´t see that option

  • The first wave will be live by Friday morning and we will continue to roll out next Tuesday and Thursday nights to reach 100% coverage. Once this is released you should see it.



  • I don't see any change as of today-- where should i be looking, or can you point me to any documentation on this feature?

  • i know there are a few people interested in this. I did find the how-to on the report scheduler here:




    but the feature isn't enabled for my domain yet. you should be able to schedule by mousing over the card, clicking the wrench, and you see a 'schedule' option for that card. 

  • @DennisL and our loyal customers,


    I checked with the engineering and release teams and there was a slight delay in the roll out I published in this thread.


    Everything is teed up and will begin to roll out Feb 21, Feb 23 and finally Feb 28th. All customers will have this in their instances by March 1.


    Please accept our apology for the delay as I literally received an update on this in the last hour.


    Thanks for your patience.


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    This is working for me as of yesterday. great feature!

  • That is great news @DennisL!


    Again thank you to all our customers for your patience as we rolled this out.


    If you have any feedback once you test drive, feel free to share.


    @btm please let the product team know our customers are beginning to enjoy this feature!

  • does the recipient of the reports need to have a domo login to view the report?

  • From what I can tell, it will prompt you to create a new user if they don't already exist.  You can create a social (buzz only) user, and as long as you're not restricting any domains in your whitelist settings, you'll be able to send it to anyone.  


    However, If they click on the card, it just takes them to Buzz.  There isn't any message displayed that tells them they need additional privelidges to interact with the card in Domo.