How do I group states into different regions on the US map?


I'd like to see the performance of different sales regions across the United States. We group the regions by state (i.e. Southwest = AZ, NM, TX) and it would be very helpful if I could define those states as a region so that when a user hovers over the card, they're able to see stats for specific regions rather than each individual state. Not sure how this can be done currently and any help would be immensily appreciated. Thank you.


  • Johnf
    Johnf Contributor

    @buzzdennis, This could be accomplished through a beast mode.


    Name the beast mode Region




    WHEN State = AZ THEN 'Southwest'

    WHEN State = NM THEN 'Southwest'

    WHEN State = TX THEN 'Southwest'

    WHEN State = MN THEN 'Northwest'



  • buzzdennis

    Thank you for the reply @Johnf


    I've created a Beast Mode calculated field like you suggested but the U.S. map chart does not recognize the newly created regions for display on the map. Is this something I may need to create using the Domo Design Studio?

  • Johnf
    Johnf Contributor

    @buzzdennis, Not sure why it is not recognizing your beast mode. Sorry I don't have time to look into this and I have not used the maps yet. Maybe someone who has used the maps before can chime in. 



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