Add Drill path on Comparative Gauge


Why is it that I can add a drill path to a comparative gauge, but then I cannot actually dril through to the detail?  Is this a bug?  I realize I am using summary comparative data in the card, but I want users to see more in the detail than just the two data points I am comparing.


  • ckwright
    ckwright Domo Product Manager

    @tseamans Thank you for the suggestion which is a great idea! Comparative gauges do not support drilldowns. Since a gauge takes a table of data, but only displays one value based on the aggregation selected, and because the aggregation would come from several rows, the drilldown would actually have to expand into simply showing the whole table when drill downs were meant to filter the data. With that being the case, drilldown capability for comparative gauges was removed. If the customer wants to determine why there were changes in values from on period to the next, other graphs, such as a grouped bar chart, would be better to utilize.


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