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US Map

  • Fixes an issue where having the US Map and US Zip Map with Zip Codes on the same design would break the hover events for data values.
  • Added the capability to accept full form or abbreviated form State values (e.g. CA or California).
  • Removed the configuration option to set State Value format.

 People Comparison:

  • Fixed an issue where the widget did not redraw properly when updating the prefix or suffix configuration options.

Line Bar Chart (Vertical Grouped Bar Line Chart & Vertical Stacked Bar Line Chart):

  • Added the ability to set a white background for lines through a configuration option.
  • Added configuration options for prefix and suffix labels on all lines or bars.
  • Added the ability to always display bar labels through a configuration option.

Image Link:

  • Fixed an issue where the link would open in the same browser tab as well as a new tab.

People Bubbles:

  • Fixed an issue with the sample data not displaying all images correctly.

People Bubbles With Axis:

  • Fixed an issue with the sample data not displaying all images correctly.

Multi Select:

  • Fixed an issue where the input text box was not displaying the proper row.
  • Fixed a rare issue where the user could inadvertently remove all options from the select dropdown.
  • Fixed an issue with the selection dropdown not updating properly after using search to select an option.
  • Changed the behavior of the input text box so that it will remain sized properly on the design. Interaction with the input box will expand the viewable area and allow scroll bars.
  • Added keyboard support for the selection dropdown to include ESC, Enter, Arrow movement, and Delete.

Stats Pill:

  • Added the ability to place a prefix or suffix on the displayed value
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