DataSet Access Blocked as "Protected" for Privileged Security Access Users

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Hi Domo!

I love the Domo Dojo Days you put on.  Thank you for your past and current responsiveness to Dojo members.  I know it won't stop in the future!


I'm doing Major Domo work to get all the required base datatsets up into our instance so they can be used for a variety of purposes.  However, recently all my new datasets pushed up by Workbench3 aren't accessible to my end users and when following URLs I pass along they get a "protected" dialog.  I don't see anywhere in Workbench3 or my instance menus where I can change this.


It's making it so that I have to sit with all end users to generate their cards.  This is divergent from our current process and philosophy of end user empowerment.


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