Design Studio Installation Issues

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There is currently a known issue installing Add-ons with Illustrator 2015 CC for OS X (Mac) devices.  Adobe is aware of this issue and is actively working to correct it.  Until Illustrator 2015 CC and Creative Cloud services receive an update, this is the official work around provided by Adobe.


  1. Install another 2015 Adobe product from the Creative Cloud desktop application.  This can include any trial or full versions of their applications (e.g. Photoshop 2015 CC).  The exception to this list would be Extension Manager - this application is no longer supported by Adobe.
  2. If you already have all Creative Cloud products installed, uninstall one of these products and re-install them.  The exception is Illustrator 2015 CC or Extension Manager. 

The cause of this issue is a defective file that is used to communicate with Adobe when installing Add-ons.  This defective file exists with Illustrator 2015 CC.  Installing another Creative Cloud product will replace this file and allow the Add-on to be recognized properly.


Please contact our Support team if you require additional help.

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