Best Practices for K-12 Education

Hello fellow educators!


I'm interested in collborating with other K-12 districts on their uses of DOMO.  Currently, we are using cards to highlight demographic and student performance data.


Please reach out if you are interested in sharing ideas.


  • Some thoughts that come to mind.


    Student Address Information

    • Card of towns each student is from. 


    • Avg grade of students by teacher
    • Avg grade of students by grade (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc)

    School Systems/misc:

    • Food items ordered during lunch
    • Cost of lunch monthly
    • Fundraising dollars earned by event
    • Individual students performance over time


    Combination of data

    • Avg grade of students by city/town (do towns with lower income level statistically have lower grades?)


    I hope you're able to tap into all the systems necessary 

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  • Hi 

    Am curious to know how you are using DOMO.

    I have an idea to use it for school reports for the parents.

    Do you think it can work?

  • You certainly could but it depends on HOW you plan to do that. The cost would likely be too high to have it setup so that all parents could go in themselves and if they did you'd want to make sure you have agood grasp on limiting data with PDP so that they can't see any data other than their childs.


    Assuming you won't be purchasing licenses for all parents you could do the following.

    1: Create a publication for each child (I'm also assuming you're one teacher and using it for one class, if my assumption is wrong this option may be too cumbersome to manage). Publications are essentially online slideshows of each chart and you could give each parent a unique link and password. You can't drill-down with the cards so you'll want all the important data as the main card

    2: Create everything in Domo and have a page filter setup so you can filter the whole page for each student. You can then export the page to powerpoint and email a personal report to each parent.


    If you provide more information around your ideas I may be able to offer more input.

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  • Hi

    Thank you for the response.

    Let me begin by saying, I am new to DOMO, therefore I might not understand how to apply in practical terms the idea that I have. I am also not a teacher, I am an independent consultant looking to sell DOMO to schools. So let me tell you what I would like to do...

    What you have mentioned sounds somewhat complicated...

    Anyhow, my idea was to have individual child's performance on a page i.e have a card for normal class tests and another card for end of term performance. And give social user access to the parents so that they can just view the cards. I thought it would be as simple as that... help


  • Maybe someone else might chime in who has an idea. I'm not quite sure how using personalized data permissions works on social users. I think it'll be a little more involved than you may initially think. Social users have very limited access and I'm not sure it'll support the use case you want.


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