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Is there a way to identify if a dataset in the Data Center is from Workbench or not? Currently we have to add WB in the title of the datasets we are running form workbench but it would be much easier if there was an icon or some way to know that this data comes from workbench and not uploadd or through a connector. 

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    When you create a workbench dataset, you can pick from the options like ODBC or Excel Spreadsheet or XML or JIRA, etc.  DataSet Type is the field name, and it's a dropdown but you can also write whatever you want in there.

    This will be the name as it appears in Domo and also is the method by which Domo chooses the icon that shows up in Domo.

    For example, instead of choosing ODBC for our Oracle database datasets, we type in Oracle instead, and that inserts the Oracle name and logo in the datacenter.  You could potentially type in Workbench there, and it would pick a generic logo.

    Dataset type.PNGdataset type 2.PNG

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