Alert does not fire daily

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Currently we have some alerts that we have set that say something like: "Notify me if XXX is Greater than YYY" . We want that alert to go out daily if the volume from previous day is over YYY. What I am finding is if volume on Monday is less than YYY and then the volume on Tuesday is over YYY the alert will fire and be sent. If on Wednesday the volume is over YYY again, we do not get the alert. I think what is happening is once it fires, unless the value drops below the threshhold for a day, the alert does not refire. Is there any way to get this to fire each day?
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  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    Hi all,


    Can anybody help @Shevy with their question? 



  • mdelorey
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    hey @Shevy: a lot of people have had this same question, but they've come through support instead of the dojo. i think that's because the alerts as they are created now say "Alert me if XXX is greater than YYY" but as you mentioned, they only actually alert if the value crosses the threshold of YYY in the specified direction.


    unfortunately, there is not currently a way to achieve the behavior you're after, but this issue is on our radar and we plan to delivery on it soon.


    i created an idea in dojo so you can upvote, add your use cases, and track progress toward delivery.



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