Can Domo query Salesforce archived activities (task and event records)?


Salesforce groups tasks and events into 4 groups:

Archived but not deleted

Archived and deleted

Not Archived or deleted

Not Archived but deleted

Through the rest API, the only way to get to everything is by using .queryAll() instead of .query() … Can ANYONE with direct Domo product knowledge confirm is used for queries


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  • BSovers

    ok… my first attempts to get all failed. But with a much more limited field list, a query (using the Salesforce Connector) that has "Query both active and deleted records" and includes both the IsDeleted and IsArchived fields, actually did get all of our task records. Therefore, I am going to assume that Domo is using the .queryAll() when needed.

  • ellibot
    ellibot Contributor
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    @BSovers are you using the 'Salesforce Advanced' connector for this? Have you been able to accomplish this with Salesforce's own REST APIs? If so, I might recommend using the JSON No Code connector ( ) to replicate the API calls.