Cant edit the ETL, beside I'm the owner

Im having some issues with my dataflow,i cant edit the ETL beside im the owner, i dont now what i have to do to solve the issue



  • Do you have access to all of the input datasets? If you don't have full access to an input dataset, you won't be able to edit the dataflow.

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  • Hiiii!

    I have access to all of them, is a little bit strange

  • @camila What happens when you try to edit it?

  • It does not apear the EDIT bottom

  • @camila Does it give you this option?

  • No! it doesnt. Like 10 days ago i was able to edit it

  • @camila What user role do you have? If you are not an admin, then I suggest reaching out to somebody who is an admin for your instance to verify your permissions. If you are an admin, then you should reach out to Domo suppor to troubleshoot.