How can I change the owner (does not exist in domo anymore) of the custom app to a new one.


We have a custom app and the developer don't have a domo account anymore. I have an admin role, how can I change the owner to my name?


  • GrantSmith

    Hi @JonavilCello

    You can't change the owner of an app, I believe due to security concerns, but you can make yourself an administrator. Alternatively you could re-deploy your app with your account and use that moving forward and delete the old app.

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  • JonavilCello

    @amehdad Thank you! I actually checked the cli first, but deleted users can't be set as an old user, so it's not possible

    @GrantSmith Thank you for the info. Don't have an idea how to create an app and deploy it yet. But I'll read the docs. I downloaded the assets and hoped I can upload it to somewhere to have the same app but it seems to be not the case, you have to create from scratch..