Does any one has process to find and delete Orphan cards/ pages?

I am looking for a process that finds orphan card / page and deleting them without impacting current users


  • use the Domo Governance and Domo Stats datasets, .

    How are you defining 'Orphan'? and How would you define "impacting current users"? Sounds like a pedantic question, but there are different answers which will inform your process for identifying and archiving content.

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  • @rajmo_98

    @jaeW_at_Onyx is right using the Domo Governance dataset called "Cards" should give you what you are looking for. I made a pivot table directly from the dataset as shown below, just filter for when Page = Orphan (Domo has already defined this). I will say that I have had some cases where a card showed up as orphaned but it was on someone's overview (at least the user said so) which is why I titled the card that way.

    On mine I also have a drill down that shows some other card info and then has a link to the card using this Beast Mode

    CONCAT('<a href="', '',`Card ID`, '" target="_blank">', `Title`, '</a>')

  • As far as "impacting current users" goes

    My card has owner name and not ID and then I usually ask the top users to review the cards to go through their orphans or if its just a couple I will link them in an email and get approval. I also like to do a sanity check and go to the admin settings and search for the card ID directly just to make sure it is truly an orphan.

  • And if you want to get real fancy you can build a recursive dataflow to track your improvements overtime. Orphan card cleanup is something I have heavily worked on for the past year and a half. We started with about 1,500 and are now just down to a few hundred.

  • Thank you very much for your insight