Drilldown filters on different chart types


I am adding drilldowns to a dozen or so cards on a page, all built from the same dataset. Most have filtered as expected -- if I click on a category it drills down with that category set as a filter. But one will not -- If I click on a category, it goes to the drilldown view, but does not filter. If I click on a datapoint, it drills and filters normally. This chart is a scatterplot and the others are bars and lines; is that an issue? I can't find anything anywhere saying that scatterplots behave differently.


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    We do not have a lot of scatterplots but I found that I could not get it to filter on the x axis at all... It would filter on the series if I clicked a data point but would not create a filter for the X-axis. Maybe a feature request or call it in as a bug? 

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