Color Rules on Symbol Line Chart


I am trying to set up color rules for a symbol line chart I am using. I currently have a scale marker set at 0.40%. I would like to have every point/symbol change colors depending on wether it is above or below this line/value but I cannot seem to find a way. I was able to make this work for a bar chart. I'm thinking that maybe colors can't be applied in the manner I am hoping with line charts but I thought I would post here to see if anyone has a solution. Thank you!


Image of chart (desired outcome: points above scale marker = green, points below scale marker = red):

2019-12-18 13_46_53-Copy of Provision Expense Ratio - Domo.png


  • Ashleigh

    You would have to do a very long beast mode. You would have to calculate that scale marker in a beast mode and then in that same beast mode compare each month’s value. You should be able you make two case statements, one if it is above and another for below. Then you do the coloring based on that beast mode and choose the color you want for above and the color you want for below. 

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