creating a formula for quarters based on value received at month level


for quarter 1 

where month = jan , feb , march 

if data = 1 , then 

sum = sum+1 


sum = sum+2



basicially i want to write a formula where i need to check that if there is data in months, then add 1 , else add2. and this calculation is based on quarter level. I dont know how to write this in DOMO case



  • GrantSmith

    It depends on how your data is structure and how you represent if there's data in the field or not but assuming you have NULL if the data is missing you could do something like this in a Beast Mode (assuming you're graphing on a quarterly basis):


      `Sum` + 2
      `Sum` + 1

    It gets a bit more complex if you're graphing on something other than a quarterly basis but want to look for data within a monthly grouping. In that case you'd need to utilize a groupby widget in a Magic ETL to get the max and then use a value mapper to convert the nulls to 2 and non-nulls to 1 and then combine those back together with your original dataset

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  • If you need more help on this, it would be helpful to learn more about your data structure and how you are wanting to display it.

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